Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls

With a refreshing mix of honesty, humor, and heart, Rachel uses her personal experiences with bullying to connect with students and teach proven strategies to respond to psychological aggression.

Rachel’s programs foster:

  • Awareness. Students deconstruct the stereotypically male, physically aggressive bully and learn how a bully can be a close friend who hurts you psychologically.
  • Empowerment. Through role-play and storytelling, Rachel gives students practical tools to respond to both online and real-time aggression.
  • Ownership. Rachel confronts the epidemic of denial and challenges the audience to take responsibility for their behavior.
  • Permission. By bringing Rachel to your school, you communicate your commitment to addressing psychological aggression. Rachel introduces a shared language to talk about the problem and inspires students to find their voice in seeking assistance from counseling staff.
  • Community. Girls learn that they are not alone and are encouraged to stop blaming themselves for their experiences.
  • Self-esteem.  Rachel helps girls realize that there is validity in each individual story, and that they possess the potential to effect positive change in their lives.

Rachel’s extraordinary grasp of young people’s relationships is immediately apparent. “It’s like she’s inside my head,” students often say. “How does she know?” Parents and teachers comment on how Rachel helps to demystify the language and habits of adolescence, facilitating more effective interventions.

Presentations can be single-sex or co-ed, last approximately 45 minutes and are followed by Q & A. “They could have stayed all day,” teachers often say. Click here for testimonials.

Be You: An Interactive Workshop for Girls & Adults

In this brand new, interactive workshop for girls and adults, Rachel teaches girls and adults concrete tools to:

  • identify healthy and toxic friendships
  • communicate with confidence
  • use social media wisely (where age-appropriate)
  • solve friendship problems with a four-step system

With her personable, down-to-earth speaking style, Rachel keeps participants laughing, interacting, and learning. This is not just a workshop: it’s a conversation starter for adults and girls, offering families and teachers a new language to talk about communication, friendship and personal values.