Odd Girl Out: Coping with Best Friends, Worst Enemies, and Everything in Between

What should you do when your daughter is the odd girl out?

Exclusion. Abusive friendships. Cyberbullying. When a girl’s relationships are in trouble, her core sense of self is threatened. Parents feel anguished and helpless. For ten years, Rachel has studied the politics of girls’ relationships. Every year, she empowers thousands of parents to help their daughters negotiate some of the most painful moments of their lives.

Rachel’s rigorous research and unparalleled experience with girls makes her a favorite of parent associations around the world. Weaving down-to-earth advice with analysis of girls’ development, Rachel provides parents with concrete strategies and scripts to help kids cope with best friends, worst enemies and everything in between. An intimate observer of girls’ social world, she offers parents a window into the hidden culture of girls’ aggression. Rachel also coaches parents to interface effectively with the adults in their children’s lives. Presentations last one hour and are followed by 30 minutes of Q & A.

The Curse of the Good Girl: Five Strategies to Raise an Authentic, Confident Girl

Since its founding by Rachel Simmons in 2000, Girls Leadership has empowered girls on three continents to find and express their authentic selves. In this presentation, discover GL’s best practices, now available in the new book, The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence.

Learn how to coach girls to develop:

  • Relationship expertise: navigating friendship, conflict, and tough social choices
  • Emotional intelligence: how to know, express and manage feelings
  • Balanced self-image: preserving integrity and dealing with mistakes

Content-rich, research-based, and down-to-earth, this workshop empowers parents to promote authenticity and confidence in girls of all ages with proven strategies and tools.

Be You: An Interactive Workshop for Girls & Adults

In this brand new, interactive workshop for girls and adults, Rachel teaches practical strategies to be “real” in relationships. Using exciting new technology that allows participants to text message responses to Rachel’s questions, Rachel teaches girls concrete tools to:

  • access and express a full range of emotions
  • communicate with confidence
  • understand how self-defeating thoughts and assumptions damage relationships
  • handle mistakes with grace.

With her personable, down-to-earth speaking style, Rachel keeps participants laughing, interacting, and learning. This is not just a workshop: it’s a conversation starter for adults and girls, offering families and teachers a new language to talk about communication, friendship and personal values.

“Anya’s teacher went to the talk, and the very next day brought it into the classroom. Anya came home and told us that the teacher had described a number of things from the talk…I am thrilled that the teacher went to the talk on her own, valued it, and ‘got it’ enough to bring it right in to the class.”
Bonnie, Palo Alto, CA

I saw my friend…who had seen you in Denver.  She is a well known family therapist and she was just raving about you. She said that you were so real and so right on – and such a polished and powerful speaker.  She also said that she has been very emotional since seeing you, as you opened a channel for her in terms of understanding more deeply her daughter’s world (and they already have a good relationship) and also nudging her to question her own beliefs.
Barbara, Boulder, CO