Young women are more successful today than ever. Yet many are still developing their “inner resume,” or the skills and confidence to speak up, take healthy risks and advocate for themselves. In order to thrive in college and beyond, students increasingly need this skill set. Rachel’s workshops are renowned for giving participants concrete tools they can use in their everyday lives. As Rachel has argued in her TEDx Women talk, relationships are a powerful classroom for leadership: when young women know how to ask their roommates to turn down the music or network with a professor during office hours, they are better equipped to succeed at work and in life.

Bring Rachel to your college or university for a keynote or skill-building, interactive workshop.

Workshops (Selected List)

  • Four Steps for Positive Confrontation: Get a road map for managing difficult conversations, whether it’s with a roommate, teammate, close friend or colleague. Students learn tools for conflict resolution, then put them to immediate use by scripting conversations for their own lives.
  • Leadership for Rebels: A Recipe for Courage and Personal Authority – Participants develop their inner resume: skills to help them connect and act on their most important thoughts and feelings; advocate for themselves in their most important relationships; and explore their relationship to apology and blame.
  • Braver In 90 Minutes – We’re told we have to excel at whatever we do to become successful – which means many of us haven’t learned how to fail well. How do you talk to yourself in the face of a challenge? What’s your coping strategy for falling short? Learn concrete strategies to handle criticism and challenge with grace.
  • Courage Boot Camp – What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Learn how to set realistic goals, take risks successfully and overcome your fear of rejection through fun, hands-on activities — including putting yourself in actual situations where you get rejected! Learning to be brave and handle awkward moments is a skill. With frequent exposure to the situations we fear, you’ll grow the muscles you need to deal with fear and go after what you want in your life.
  • No Offense, But… – Offering and responding to criticism
  • Nice Weather We’re Having! – The art and science of small talk and why you need to know how to do it
  • Why You Have to Work It AND Own It – A workshop on self-promotion for people who hate to brag
  • Send Your Inner Critic on Vacation – How positive self-talk can help you achieve your goals.
  • Residence Life Workshops – Professional and student residence life staff identify communication challenges for young women in college housing, apply new tools to these conversations, and set goals for effective problem solving. This workshop is also available for dorm residents.


The Rhodes Not Taken: Let Go of Effortless Perfection and Find Success on Your Own Terms

How Nice is Too Nice? Gender, Young Women and Leadership

How to Be Brave: The Recipe for Gumption in Young Women

The Curse of the Good Girl: Strategies to be Assertive, Authentic and Brave in College and Beyond


I really appreciated Rachel’s flexibility in the planning process — in advance of her visit, we discussed the specific challenges female-identitified students were facing at Vassar, and she designed a workshop that focused on those issues in particular. The resulting workshop on speaking up and being real hit on much-needed topics, and the students really enjoyed Rachel’s perspectives and delivery style. Rachel would be an asset to any campus!”   ~ Judy Jarvis, Director for the Campus Life LGBTQ Center & Women’s Center, Vassar College

“I cannot say enough about what Rachel has added to our Residence Life Program at Smith College. She has been an outstanding resource to our students and staff through her creation and facilitation of workshops that address the needs of students and house communities. Over and over again after spending time in one of Rachel’s workshops our student’s leaders request her to come back and work with their house communities. Rachel is able to challenge students to think differently through her fun, creative approach that gets students engaged in thoughtful discussions and action that continues after her time her on campus.     ~ Becky Shaw, Director of Residence Life, Smith College

“I’ve seen myself taking a lot more risks and listening to my internal feelings when making decisions.  I put myself out there and applied for a big job this summer.  After I submitted a resume and interviewed, I got the job!  I really do think I was able to find confidence in myself that I had forgotten about through your workshops.  You do amazing work, thank you for pushing me to take risks.” ~ Leadership for Rebels student

“Rachel was more down to earth and easygoing than I expected. She is a great teacher and it was truly an honor to be in her class.” ~ Leadership for Rebels student

“Working with Rachel was inspiring and comforting. I felt like I had someone on my side, cheering me on through difficult situations!” ~ Leadership for Rebels student

If you would like Rachel to work on leadership development with undergraduates at your college or university, please contact her here.