Program Development

Rachel will work with you to develop dynamic, outcome-based workshops, classes, summer camp programs, conferences or retreats for girls (ages 6+) and adults. See below for a list of 2010-2011 consulting clients.

The Inner Resume

Rachel’s programs focus on developing the Inner Resume, a set of psychological skills that empower individuals to meet external, “Real World” demands with integrity and personal authority. This skill set includes but is not limited to:

  • Self-awareness: knowing and managing thoughts and feelings
  • Self-expression: communicating assertively and with respect
  • Self-advocacy: setting and acting on boundaries in relationship
  • Balanced self-image: managing constructive criticism, articulating talents, owning responsibility in conflict
  • Skillful conflict management

Inner Resume programs can be customized to suit client needs. Possible areas of focus include:

Relationship Skills

  • Friendship 101: Navigating Best Friends, Worst Enemies, and Everything in Between
  • Communicating With Confidence and Respect
  • Getting the Most Out of A Difficult Conversation
  • Netiquette: Online Relationship Skills

“Real World” Skills

  • Job & college admissions interviews
  • Resume & college essay writing
  • The “unwritten rules” of the professional world for women
  • The art of networking
  • Professional self-presentation

Student Leader Programs

  • Commanding respect from peers
  • Running an effective meeting
  • Giving a peer direction
  • Constructive criticism: giving and getting it
  • Working with your friends

School Residency

It’s wonderful to have a speaker visit your school for a day or two, but what happens next? Keep the momentum going by making Rachel your school’s Educator-in-Residence for a semester or academic year. Rachel will coach your school’s administrators, teachers and counselors to optimize:

  • Administrative responses to peer aggression and bullying
  • Classroom management and discipline
  • Clinical interventions by school counselors
  • Community response to cyberbullying
  • Anti-bullying policy development
  • Parent-school relations regarding bullying

School residencies typically include multiple on-site visits for professional development sessions, assemblies and parent nights. Programming for girls, student leaders and sports teams can be included in a school residency.

Residencies are arranged through a monthly or annual retainer fee. Both on-site visits and Skype/telephone coaching are available.

2010-2011 Clients

Smith College Center for Work and Life

Convent of the Sacred Heart

The Women’s Institute at Omega

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Ask Rachel: My Best Friend is My Bully

March 31st, 2014

When your former best friend ruins your other friendships.