Rachel is an in-demand speaker and facilitator who offers keynote speeches and workshops for parents, education professionals, clinicians and young people. Programs are research-based and focus on providing practical take-home strategies for participants. Renowned for her down-to-earth, warm speaking style, Rachel delivers rich content and cutting edge insight.

Programs range from sixty minute conference keynotes and student assemblies to weekend workshops. All programs can be customized to suit client needs.

Latest Blog Posts

Mommy Vortex: Mommy Milestones

September 10th, 2014

Our children’s milestones are often bittersweet, but are always opportunities for us to grow as parents.


GirlTip #93: How Would You Parent If You Weren’t Afraid?

September 18th, 2014

It’s an emotionally exhausting time of year. If you’re worried about your child, pause and ask: who is more upset, you or she? Sometimes, our kids don’t interpret their challenges in the same anxious way we might. Unlike our kids, we’re lugging our own childhood baggage around (I am no stranger to this, hi, I […]