Boys LaughingRachel regularly addresses co-educational audiences. She’s not just an expert on girls’ development, but on psychological aggression.

The focus on bullying in girls, while long overdue, has obscured the dynamics of psychological aggression that unfold between boys. In fact, research has shown a shrinking gender gap in behaviors like relational aggression, especially by middle school. Adolescent boys are telling researchers that relational and social aggression – actions that damage friendship and reputation – concern them more than physical intimidation.

Boys are frequent targets of girls’ psychological aggression, and many are recruited into the conflicts (and aggressive acts) of their female peers. Empowering boys to identify and respond to psychological aggression, and to own their role in the conflicts of others, is a vital part of making school communities safe for all.

When working with a co-ed audience, Rachel directly addresses boys’ experience of:

  • Relational aggression (the use of friendship as a weapon)
  • Gossip and rumors
  • The silent treatment and aggressive body language
  • Cyberbullying
  • The use of humor in aggression

If you have questions about Rachel’s co-ed workshops, please email Michele Fee Smith at American Program Bureau.