Lilly’s Blog: Why Lady Gaga Is A Role Model for Girls

By | January 18th, 2010 | 87 comments

I can’t deny it any longer. Lady Gaga is, against all odds, a role model for girls.

Lady Gaga takes herself very (very) seriously. When I first listened to interviews of her, I was put off by her nasally monotone and unchanging expression. She does not giggle or smile. In short, she does not make the interviewer’s job easy.

Once I overcame my discomfort, I could appreciate what she was saying.

In a world where girls speak every statement as a question, second guess themselves in class and have trouble saying what they are good at, it is extremely refreshing to hear a woman talk about how she knows she is awesome.

And, admittedly, she is very talented. Ms. Gaga is one of a few popular singers who writes her own songs, plays instruments and sings live. She has unapologetically high ambitions of elevating pop music to an art form.

Lady Gaga is proof positive that it is hard for serious women to appear likeable. But I admire her willingness to forgo being America’s sweetheart in favor of being serious about herself as an artist. Since middle school, I have watched my friends turn into bubblegum pink, squeaky voiced, hair-twirling versions of themselves when around boys or more popular girls. I believe this behavior is a way of assuring the socially powerful that they need not feel threatened. After all, we are just little girls with cute widdle girl thoughts and a simple wimple girl brain.

Just as she does not seem to be concerned with being friendly, Lady Gaga’s sense of fashion is fabulously consumer unfriendly. She is known for her outlandish costumes both on and off stage and, ostensibly, her dislike of pants. I love that she dresses for herself. And in dressing for herself, she doesn’t wear a lot.

Lady Gaga does not, by any means, fit the bill of conventional beauty. She is not particularly pretty or thin yet she is frequently seen in little more than underwear. Lady Gaga seems to have a surplus of confidence while working in an industry that is so toxic, girls who merely view the products of it have low self-esteem.

I also admire that, in all of the interviews I’ve read or watched, she doesn’t talk about her body. Unlike other celebrities who are fond of sharing their diet and workout tips, and proliferating the notion that the “ideal” body is just one squat away, she doesn’t talk about her body.  Her physical appearance is, as it should be, less important than her music.

I love that Lady Gaga is not afraid to be weird. As I explained in my blog about Halloween costumes, teenage girls have a hard time being goofy. Remaining cozy and nestled between the Os of “cool” feels safe. Venturing beyond our narrow definition of cool isn’t easy when, as a girl, you’re pretty sure everyone is watching and judging you at all times. Lady Gaga thinks outside of the box and lives outside of those double Os.

From her crazy hair to the odd visuals of her music videos, she does whatever the crack she wants. And what she wants to do is be weird. But paradoxically, because she is so un-cool, Lady Gaga is….cool. She is an oxymoron; the jumbo shrimp of coolness.  If that’s not reason enough to view her as a role model, I don’t know what will convince you people.

Her name in itself is a lesson for girls. There’s nothing wrong with being a Lady. Many of the pressures girl face (the pressure to do well in school, have lots of friends, be polite) are great goals to aspire to in moderation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to avoid conflict, but that code of conduct should not be an absolute that stunts the maturation of healthy relationships.

While being a lady is an admirable pursuit, is important not to forget to act gaga every once in a while. Some moments call for impromptu dance breaks, improvised songs or uncontrollable giggling. Striking a balance between daintiness and craziness is like discovering the perfect ratio of macaroni to cheese, delicious.

While I’m not a fan of some of her hypersexual lyrics and her use of images of injured women, there are (at least) five good reasons to consider the lady a good role model for girls. She isn’t afraid to act smart, dress for herself, focus on things other than her body, be odd, and have a sick name. And last but not least, Lady Gaga recently told a reporter, “I’m getting the sense that you’re a little bit of a feminist, like I am, which is good.”

I swoon.

Lilly is a high school senior and guest blogger for Read more about her here.

87 Responses to “Lilly’s Blog: Why Lady Gaga Is A Role Model for Girls”

  • Wallpaper says:

    This Lady Gaga is very beautiful, great article … I am following the articles in your blog, thanks for sharing.

  • Mulheres says:

    I love Lady Gaga, she is beautiful and an excellent singer… I found this blog good, thanks for sharing.

  • Gaby says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing information… 😉

  • Thor says:

    I like her music other then the fact that she is clearly a devil worshiper.
    She recently claimed to be Catholic – but
    Unfortunatly, it’s a bit hard to believe considering she wears satanic Aleister Crowley costumes, her lyrics are obviously pro lucifer.. she also named her tribute to David Bowie “Lucifer” and said “I swear to Lucifer” on live TV.
    Not sure who she thinks she is fooling after all that.

  • Jello says:

    Just wanted to point out Lilly that it was a contradiction to say that you are not a fan of her hypersexual lyrics and images of injured woman.If that’s not a reflection of her artistic expression which ultimately is part of who she is, then I don’t know why she would do that in the first place, that’s questionable. The way you stated that was like it has no effect.

  • Me says:

    Personally, I love lady gaga’s music and that she can actually sing an write songs for herself unlike alot of the artists now. But a role model? Now that takes it too far. Lady gaga is the last person I would ever look up too. She wore a dress made of real meat! If that isn’t animal cruelty then I dont know what is. Most of her songs have terrible messages. Involving parting, getting drunk, sex and cheating. And her music videos are absolutely disgusting! I have to turn the channel because of how mic I hate them. All her music videos are is her dancing around wearing almost nothing acting like a whore. And if lady gaga is so comfortable with herself then why does she constantly hide who she really is with fake hair and wierd accessories covering her face. Lady gaga is an amazing singer and song writer but you have to be out of your mind to beleive that lady gaga is a role model. For the people that do beleive that, stop kiddin yourself.

    • Jordan says:

      Your stupid of course Lady Gaga is a role model. She shows people that its ok to be weird and that you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are. Sure shes weird and dirent but dirernt isn’t always bad.

      • Ana says:

        I think you should respect those who doesn’t share your opinion and calling someone stupid is not a good argument.

        What Lady Gaga does is not weird or different. She mix punk, Madonna, Grace Jones, uses black and wigs… where is the difference?

        Girls are wearing fewer and fewer clothes. Lady Gaga is just getting what girls are already doing to create her persona. Nothing new about it.
        Girls show their tattoos even if they are in an area that should be covered. What is new about nudity?
        What is new about sex being everywhere?

        No. She is not a creative artist or is passing any new message. She gives what people want.
        Role model?
        A role model is someone who creates new subjectivities, revolutionizes customs and a new trend is born.

        What of really new Lady Gaga created?

        When she talks it is clear she is not sure about what she says and disguise her insecurity trying to talk assertively.

        Was she bold not to continue the blonde realm?
        She doesn’t dance will and if it wasn’t for the numerous cuts on the videos, sometimes one image per second, it would be very easy to see that.

        Lady Gaga is the product of marketing that is the truth but the fans don’y see it.

        Real revolutionary people are anti-establishment and what Lady Gaga do is nothing but reinforcing a weirdness that is very old.

    • Patrice says:

      I don’t see how wearing meat makes her less worthy of being a role model. Many people eat the meat she up on her body, but I’m pretty sure you don’t think of it as animal abuse. As a vegetarian myself, I would love it if no one ate meat at all, but that’s not my (or anyone elses) place to tell someone else what they can or can not eat. She doesn’t hide behind wigs and accessories, they are apart of her. I can see that you don’t get it, so i’ll stop right here.

  • Alice says:

    Give me a break people. Really? You guys don’t think Lady Gaga is a role model at all? Really?

    Lady Gaga might not cure diseases or the greatest philanhropist in the world but, she still counts as a role model.

    Why do you think she dresses crazily? Or sings live? Writes her own songs? Acts so seriously in interviews? Because she is giving out the message to “be yourself”.

    Sure, some of her videos are filled with nudity and blasphemos things but, if you checked the meaning behind each video, it has a message. Plus, what videos aren’t filled with nudity and sex today? If you had to choose which female singer your kid looks up to, there isn’t a lot of good choices. Probably only Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

    Although Lady Gaga is all about sex and what not, she has a deeper meaning of being herself and not caring what people say. I know that’s pretty deep for a female singer but, she does not make herself dumb to get famous.

    Lady Gaga forever <3

    • Jordan says:

      You are totally right!!!!! I agree strongly

    • Melinda says:

      Nope, sorry…she is not a role model. A role model is somebody like Maya Angelou or Oprah Winfrey or Madeleine Albright or even Amelia Earhart.

      I have nothing against Lady Gaga, but she hasn’t contributed anything of real substance to society. I know her fans feel differently but this is the way I see it.

      She is cool in her own way but not really somebody to look up to, know what I mean?

  • Ayanna says:

    When I upset or feeling worthless Lady GaGa was always there…I can’t say anything bad about her.

  • Ashlie says:


    • kayleigh says:

      You don’t know what your talking about!!!!She loves God, grew up as a catholic, and mento=ions HIm often in recent songs. “dancing in the flames” means dancing with what hurts and loving yourself through it all. She wants us to enjoy life not give it up for her.

    • Jordan says:

      Thats not true I know the meaning behind that song. Shes a christain and gives a hell about god.

    • christine says:

      Your Captioned words doesn’t make you sound
      Like a mature person.
      Go back to kindergarten if your gonna call people names.

  • Halfhearted Bloggerzz says:

    I loveeeee lady gaga, i think what lilly said about her is totally true and really funny as well.

    Lady Gaga, the role model
    sounds hillarious

  • Goo says:

    Current popular entertainer? Yes. Excellent mainstream musical artist? Sure. Role model? Ummmm…. no. I guess it all depends how screwed up and pop-cultur-y your substandard values are. A role-model to me isn’t defined by winning a popularity contest. You have an awesome voice? Throw the ball really far? Cool. You are fun to watch. But you aren’t a role model for my child. If you dedicated most of your life to helping others or defining yourself by defending a life changing cause? You are a role model. You kept your values strong and stability in spite of a REAL crisis in your life? You might be a role model. You pushed an entire scientific or ethical facet of our human race forward without seeking fame as a result? You are a role model. Sorry Lady Gaga, you are not. And anyone who says you are needs to take a long hard look at what you value in your time on the planet.

    • Nicola says:

      “If you dedicated most of your life to helping others or defining yourself by defending a life changing cause? You are a role model.”

      Born This Way and her support for LGBT rights fits this description. She is very vocal about it and has even put it into her music. Lady Gaga is a role model in this and the other ways listed above, but I believe this article was written before she talked openly about her drug use (and not in an “I stopped doing that, it was bad” kind of way), and that knocks her down a few pegs in the role model department for me. :-/

  • o you know that Lady Gaga covers the latest issue of V Magazine. Its also available for iPads with an exclusive 2.5 minutes of video from her upcoming second studio album – Born This Way, (which is due for release on 23 May).

  • helia kitty says:

    i hate her…shi is crazy and her costumes and her songs and her clips are madnesssss

  • Birdiee says:

    Ya she did do that to the picture but however in some of things she says shows that God is importent and that he makes no mistakes, so it shows that God is a eliment in her life in believe as it shows in her song, and i dont know if you have gone to one of her concerts but she does say God made you perfect. She just shows it then what other people do. She might not even mean to show that she thinks of herself as a “god”, theres different ways to see it, but i do agree it wasn’t a good way for that. But there are different ways to look at it.

    • TheTruthSetsYouFree says:

      You people have to be kidding a role model? Seriously? She’s talented? She does not sing, she uses auto-tune. She’s very creative and yes she does write her own songs….I’ll give you that. A good role model? So her sodomizing men, swallowing the Rosary (blasphemy) and wearing a priest outfit with upside down crosses in Alejondro is a good role model? Her selling herself off to the music industry and having a guy ritualistically sacrificed by flame with 2 goat heads on each side (Bad Romance) is a good role model? Telephone Video – she and Beyonce’ (Another “Role Model”) murder an entire dinner of people. Her Lyrics “Take a bite of my bad girl meat, show me your teeth” -Teeth Song. Bad Romance might as well be an anthem to find a abusive relationship. MTV VMA Awards2009, she presented herself as a sacrifice to the Music Industry complete after following Jack Black and his prayer to Satan……in any of these circumstances how is she a “Good” role model? There is something seriously wrong with the moral compass of many people if they don’t see something wrong with all the above about a woman who is deemed a “role model” My how far we have fallen from morality and decency.

  • nikio says:

    Um… I don’t believe in god or anything but how can you say she is too full of herself? What she is doing is what no other band/singer would dare to do! I love her and her music!!! ;P
    bye yalls…

  • Lady GaGa says:

    Lady GaGa is a very talented composer and performer, but as her interview with Larry King revealed, she is addicted to the attention and fame and thus all things material and meaningless!

  • Gaga fan :] says:

    also i will say that her videos are made to be where the women are in control of the men, which is another reason why she is good. :]

  • Gaga fan :] says:

    I believe god is very proud of her. All those people who bash her or call her weird or claim her to be “of the devil” are a prime example of how we can’t handle people who are different from us. She is wonderful. :]

    • victoria says:

      Have you seen her new cover? Its an old pic of jesus but with his head cut off and hers in the missing place. Yeah I dont think God likes people who imply that they can be just like him or better. That’s rude to touch a pic that means so much to the people who confine in it. She is no God to anyone, only in her mind.


  • I can not believe all the bad things people have to say about Lady Gaga. I think she is great.

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