Meet Guest Blogger Lilly: “Being an Ambitious Girl in High School is a Lonely Business”

By | October 9th, 2009 | 9 comments

LillyblogphotoHi, my name is Lilly. I’m a senior at a prep school on the East coast. I blog because being an ambitious girl can be a lonely business in high school. By blogging I hope to initiate conversation between like-minded girls.

I have profound faith in the potential of my female peers. I think girls today have really taken the notion of thinking globally and acting locally to heart. We begin our careers as activists by trying to understand and improve what it means to be a girl today. We know that until all girls are comfortable giving a firm handshake, saying something unpopular and taking a stand we can’t get to the good stuff; like saving the world!

I met Rachel the summer before I entered ninth grade when I attended the Girls Leadership Institute. GLI developed the skills I needed to be a leader and the confidence to stop fearing messing up. And GLI helped me cultivate a sense of humor and light-heartedness that allows me to recover when I do, inevitably, mess up. I have the courage to blog because of what Rachel has taught me about being an authentic, introspective, savvy girl. I hope to pass the proverbial torch and inspire girls to start talking and writing about the world as they see it.

I have three wonderful brothers. Two of my brothers are very close in age to me and growing up with them has given me a unique perspective. Although my blog will focus on girls’ perspectives on a wide range of topics, I intend to address male views as presented to me by my brothers and male friends. Academics are a huge part of my life and I will blog extensively about the often troubled relationship girls have with intellectual power.

Outside of school I intern at a non-profit organization and run two clubs at my school. I am passionate about photography, reading and being with my friends.

This is my first experience with blogging and I am so looking forward to learning with and from you!


P.S.- I almost wrote “Xoxo, Lilly” but that’s way too Gossip Girl!

9 Responses to “Meet Guest Blogger Lilly: “Being an Ambitious Girl in High School is a Lonely Business””

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Lilly! Your Lady Gaga blog post appeared in my school exam! I like what you said about her, and I think you’re a great writer:) keep it up!

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  • Noah says:

    Your doing a great job keep it up.
    I especially liked the part about wonderful brothers!

  • Emily says:

    Lily, in the words of the MC Mos Def, please continue to “shine your light on the world”!
    luv, your cuz Em

  • Welcome, Lilly! You picked a profoundly perfect mentor in Rachel!

    Thrilled to hear more ambitious high school girls are using blogging as a conduit for change, and a place to be heard and showcase their work. We’re looking for interns at Shaping Youth right now, and you are correct: it’s lonely out there. heh. Interest wanes-n-fades w/schoolwork & commitments too…so feel free to crosspost on Shaping Youth with an open invite (Rachel knows how to reach me, or email amy at shapingyouth dot org) —

    p.s. You’d no doubt enjoy our gal pals at as well; their youth advisory team and teen librarian picks intrigue.

  • Peggy says:

    High school, as my sister said, is a time for tolerance that seems to stretch from A all the way to B. Congratulations on seizing the rest of the alphabet, Lily. It is an act of courage, practiced daily. My applause to you!

  • Lucy says:

    The first Lucy was not me. Check out our Library of Congress-honored blog for women commentators in international law/relations, at It is serious AND pink. Good luck on your blog, ambitious Lilly!

  • Wendy says:

    ahh.h. ambition – lots to talk about there. how do you spot it among your like-minded friends? this is going to be a great blog!

  • Lucy says:

    Lily, thanks for sharing. I’d like to read your blog. Where may I find it?

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